Legal and Ethical Considerations for Public Relations:  by Karla K. Gower
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Legal and Ethical Considerations for Public Relations
Third Edition
Public relations frequently reflects the conscience of an organization. Public relations professionals must ask the right questions when advising organizations on the best ways to protect themselves from damage or liability. A better understanding of ethics helps formulate those questions and educate management on the ethical consequences of corporate action.

Karla Gower has updated Legal and Ethical Considerations for Public Relations to reflect recent case law and the prevalence of social media in our lives and in public relations practice. She considers ethical standards, the development of First Amendment law, corporate and commercial speech, lobbying, protecting creative property, and other specific areas of the law. In addition, Gower highlights important cases and breaks down how their decisions have impacted current law. Readers will learn to collaboratively resolve corporate crises not just in the classroom, but throughout their professional careers.
Table of Contents
1. Doing the Right Thing
Ethics vs. Morals / Classical Theories / Ethical Standards in Business / Theories of Public Relations Ethics / Codes of Ethics / Personal Ethics / Application

2. Defining Public Relations Speech
Sources of Law / Development of First Amendment Law / Philosophical Justifications for Freedom of Expression / Corporate Speech / Commercial Speech

3. Regulating Public Relations Speech
Lobbying / Federal Trade Commission / Food and Drug Administration / The Securities and Exchange Commission / Other Federal Regulations / Affecting Promotional Activities

4. Harming Others
Damaging Another's Reputation / Invading Another's Privacy / Causing Personal Injury

5. Protecting Creative Property
Protecting Creative Expression: Copyright / Protecting Goodwill: Trademark / Protecting Inventions: Patents