Leadership through the Ages:  by Ronald D. Sylvia
148 pages, $21.95 list
Leadership through the Ages
Human knowledge about organizing and leading complex collectives reaches back thousands of years. When Jethro advised his son-in-law, Moses, to resist micromanaging, to lead by example, and to delegate authority to persons of integrity, he articulated some of the earliest recorded organizational recommendations. This engaging book taps into the wisdom of the ages to illuminate modern approaches to leadership.

Leadership through the Ages examines intrinsic leadership; that is, how to build leadership skills and how to apply them. It is based on the premise that leaders are not born knowing how to lead. Rather, skill sets can be learned and sharpened, while styles of communication and interaction can be cultivated. Sylvia’s presentation is liberally sprinkled with sage advice and examples from the best of Eastern and Western traditions, from Confucius and Sun Tzu to Cardinal Richelieu, Napoléon, and Lincoln. To these are added modern theories of leadership illustrated with compelling cases from the real world.
Table of Contents

1. The Nature of Leaders
Traits of Leadership / Skills to Be Cultivated

2. Motivation
Twentieth Century Motivation Theory / There Are No Quantum Leaps in Organizational Change / Inspiring People to Change / Individual Motivation / Emotional Intelligence

3. Organizational Structure
The Role of Hierarchy / The Downside of Hierarchy / Factors Influencing Structure / Summary

4. Decisiveness
On the Front Line / Managing at the Middle Rung / Organization-Wide Leadership / Universal Leadership Expectations / Final Thoughts

5. Power and Communication
Power Issues and Consensus / Getting What You Want / Formulating the Message

6. Ethics: The Dilemma of the Is and the Ought
The Bottom-Line Perspective / The Ethics Perspective

7. Leadership Development
Leadership Development in Small Organizations / Leadership Development in Large Organizations / Succession Planning / Selection for Advancement / Building a Network / Thinking and Acting like a Leader / Lessons to Be Taken