Mediation: Empowerment in Conflict Management by Kathy  Domenici, Stephen W. Littlejohn
198 pages, $30.95 list
Empowerment in Conflict Management
Second Edition
Mediation continues to grow as an alternative process for conflict management. Many organizations now allocate resources to full-fledged mediation programs. The Second Edition of Mediation: Empowerment in Conflict Management is the perfect tool for individuals interested in obtaining the skills necessary to become certified mediators. The text’s brevity, clarity, and directness make it appropriate for use in college classes and community training programs. It can be adapted to any number of training approaches. This concise volume is guided by a clear set of theoretical principles that provide an ideal for mediation in our society. Power issues are emphasized as a focal point in identifying and understanding the process. Mediation is explored as a dispute resolution option that allows conflict to be an opportunity. Special emphasis is given to the use of effective communication in mediation.
“The book is concise, practical, inexpensive, conversational, and a great supplemental reading for a conflict course.” —Chris Kennedy, Western Wyoming Community College

“I have used Domenici’s first edition with great satisfaction. It’s accessible to a wide range of students. The Littlejohn touch only enhances an already useful book. I will continue using it in the future.” —Liliana C. Rossmann, California State University, San Marcos
Table of Contents
1. Conflict Management
2. Mediation: An Overview
3. A Mediation System
4. Basic Skills
5. Enhancing Skills and Building Capacity
6. Special Concerns
7. War and Dance