Self-Awareness Activities
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Section III - Leadership Behavior Concepts

Activity #1

Relevant Reading:
  • Autocratic vs. Democratic Leadership
Leadership Styles – Assume you are the leader/manager of a work group while answering the questions contained in the following survey.

Leadership Style

When completed, refer to the above reading to identify the research outcomes associated with the three leadership styles in the study and in this assessment.

Activity #2

Relevant Readings:
  • Conceptual Contributions of the Ohio State Leadership Studies
  • The Managerial Grid
  • Several readings in Section IV
Leadership Behaviors

Combinations of high and low initiating structure and consideration lead to four different leadership styles; specifically low task, high relationships; high task, high relationships, low task, high relationships; low task, low relationships. Mean scores of 38 for initiating structure and 40 for consideration enable a rough estimate of scores interpreted as high or low for each dimension.  

Activity #5

Relevant Reading:
  • Leadership and the Nature of Man
Before completing this assessment place an “x” on each of the two continua below to indicate the extent to which you believe each theory. For each, the lowest level of agreement is 12 and the highest level of agreement is 84.

Theory X: 12               84
Theory Y: 12               84
    21 30 39 48 57 66 75  

Theory X/Y Beliefs

Compare your score on the assessment with your “estimate” of your belief in each theory. Is there a difference? In what direction? What do you think might be the explanation of this?

Activity #7

Relevant Reading:
  • The Managerial Grid
Complete this assessment

Refer to the above reading for an interpretation of your results.